Project Description

Husband and wife Gordon and Mabel (Mabs for short) came to High Brake in December 2016, both are in their nineties.

With their marriage still going strong after almost seven decades, they naturally wanted to remain together when they decided to move into residential care. They chose to have two rooms at High Brake House. One has become their lounge with its own private patio garden, the other is their bedroom.

Gordon and Mabs love the community feel of High Brake, but they also enjoy their private time. They often make use of our ‘tray service’, and have their morning and evening meals delivered to their rooms. At lunchtime, they venture into the lower dining room for ‘fine dining’ and a catch up with the friends they have made here.

Gordon and Mabel’s story is just one example of the dedicated care and support we provide every day. If you would like to learn more, just call Hannah or Sofia on 01200 538110.