Everyone’s journey to High Brake is unique and so are the lives they lead here. What they all have in common, is a wish to improve their quality of life and benefit from round-the-clock care while retaining their independence.

All our residents, and our daycare visitors, think their home is a little bit special. Some of them have been kind enough to share their stories with you.

We hope you enjoy reading about their lives at High Brake House…



Born in 1921, Irene lived in her own home well into her 90’s but was finding day-to-day life increasingly challenging. Daily tasks were becoming more of a struggle, and her anxiety levels were increasing.

Irene once worked as a Senior Registered Nurse at Nottingham hospital, but her heart was always in Lancashire. For most of her life, she lived in Blackburn, where she brought up her two sons Michael and Roy. Keen to remain in her beloved home county, Irene came […]



Ian came to High Brake House from another care home in the area in October 2017. He lives with dementia, and daily tasks he could once achieve with ease are now virtually impossible due to his deteriorating memory and behavioural triggers. He receives full assistance from our team to ensure that life is as fulfilling and stress-free as possible.

Ian was born in Manchester in the 193o’s, and moved to Great Harwood near Clitheroe at 12 years of age. He attended […]


Gordon and Mabel

Husband and wife Gordon and Mabel (Mabs for short) came to High Brake in December 2016, both are in their nineties.

With their marriage still going strong after almost seven decades, they naturally wanted to remain together when they decided to move into residential care. They chose to have two rooms at High Brake House. One has become their lounge with its own private patio garden, the other is their bedroom.

Gordon and Mabs love the community feel of High Brake, but […]